Helt Requiem

Session Review ACT 1 Part 2

-Campaign Marker

It has been a hard week.

The forces have revealed themselves.  A dragon in human form by the name of Kael has been sent by Death as a guide to the Requiem participants who call themselves Aralondil.  The Patron as he is called is revealed to be a Dragon also.  One of countless years of study and practice, immeasurably powerful and interested only in the success of his hoarde, Sanctuary.  The Patron and Death both want the item that has been sealed away, though they cannot retrieve it themselves.  Aralondil must choose a side eventually, though currently all but one of them has sided with Death.  Asche, attracted to power, has drawn the eye of the Patron and is growign increasingly close to him as he goes out of his way to provide for her.  

As Aralondil begins to settle into the city Kael tells them of mentors that they may take, those who know of the true nature of the Requiem and would help.  Each of the members goes to a different mentor to learn their particular arts.  

Asche finds her time divided between the temple of Phillip where she received answers and training, and the Patrons where she received protection and the promise of power.

Asura, Mythia, Ohm, and Kane found themselves at the Campus of the Four Sisters, studying the ways of Teonas, Arcadia, and the other goddess sisters, and studying with the great library and university of learning.  They learn battlefield divinity, the healing arts, Psionics, and the Way of the Fist.  

Dastan studies at the edge of the Shining District with the Rangers and had a particularly interesting drinking game with a Drixl.

Kaicoran and Snaf visited the guild in the Shadow District, learning from Petaline, Basil, and Carl Baird the ways of the rogue and illusion magic.

Pyry trains under a master elementalist at the Mage Tower in the Central District where she learns that her heritage may allow her to control more than she thought possible.

Weslyn also trains at the Temple of Phillip and has found success in the fighting pits and is quickly becoming a favorite among the fighters of the temple.

Each has increased in strength and holds the promise of further growth and power as they study more.

Ever aware of their task, they gather after a period of training and a well-deserved rest to venture outside the city in search of a missing artificer and a man that might know the location of their first task, the first seal of three such that must be unlocked in order to access the Vault.  Kane, it appears has already gone ahead of them with the other Arcadian Monks, and they hope to reunite with him later.

Sidetracked along the way they discover a hidden chamber in mountain tunnel that must be opened with the enchanted spear they found in their first cave, and Pyry becomes separated.  A few rare books, mysterious rooms and magic, and an uneasy sense of danger later they are back on track, a little more wealthy.  They decide to return another time when they understand more.  Weslyn feels uncomfortable about it, and senses some elusive danger, though it doesn't show its head. 

A fight to rescue a fisherman from strange feral wolves leaves them feeling hungry, and they stop at a game station to buy some fish and hire a bored mercenary (Jordan).  Pyry and Asura find a number of useful plants they hope to make into potions.

Their mood is darkened when they come across a field of dead Arcadian Monks, apparently slaughtered by blades.  Though they do not find Kane's body among the dead, they cannot be sure if he survived as some of the bodies are beyond recognition.  Saddened they continue forward, searching for the cave where the artificer was last seen.

Aralondil engaged in a fight with the demons that killed the monks and captured Arturia, the artificer.  The fight is intense and it seems that Kai, Mythia or Asche could die, but in a moment of desperation Pyry convinces the younger Erinyes to fight against her mother in the interest of being released from her contract and working to being redeemed from the life she was born into but never wanted.  Ohm tried to get the mother to surrender but to no avail.  Weslyn, Ohm, the young Erinyes girl Lorina, Asche, and Jordan surrounded the mother Erinyes, and under combined fire from all of Aralondil and unable to fly because of Pyry's rain, the Erinyes died.  Several items were scavenged from the cave, and the artificer and Erinyes were taken to the surface where Aralondil promptly welcomed the sight of a campfire and a long rest.

The morning was cruel.  Lorina, Asura, and Arturia were kidnapped and Aralondil was robbed.  A note was left by a man calling himself a "friend", later to be identified as Liecheus, a member and joint organizer of a cabal of villainy in the city.  After teleporting the remaining members of Aralondil, now down by two, into the hospital campus Mythia was exhausted.  Most of the group wanted to act immediately, so those that could move began to search for answers.  In desperation Asche went to the Patron for help.  He provided that help in exchange for an agreement from her.  

Asura and the others were being sold in the governors's palace in the Shining District.  Asche was promised that if she needed help that the Patron would come, and was given a fantastically expensive dress.  Asche used the dress and Dastan the black suit that he had won in his drinking game to enter the Governor's palace where they were quickly cut off in communication by a magic field.  

Pyry sought help from the Altarin, searching for a water entrance to the governor's palace, and found an ally in Eric, an Altarin prince removed from his home.  He recognized royal markings on her and agreed to help immediately upon hearing that her sister was in danger. They entered through a nearby fountain, found their way to the underground spring, and followed it under the palace.  

Once inside Asche and Dastan met a number of wretched but beautiful house guests, including one dressed in exquisite white who purported to be the Patron's daughter, and a woman in white furs who others simply called the Witch.  Dastan became separated and made a deal with Liecheus to buy Asura for 600,000 gold.  He signed his name to a flesh-bound book.  Asche found her way downstairs and actually saw Asura, but the situation became dangerous.  Pyry and Eric couldn't come out of the water without being discovered, and Asche drew attention as soon as she was revealed to be unprotected in a room of demons, slavers, thieves, dark servants, and pit fiends.  Pyry attempted to punctuate Asche's power with magic, but the pit fiends reacted violently.

Pyry and Eric made it out on their own power, but after a Herculean effort Asche managed to escape the basement only to walk into a room of demons and called don the Patron to escort her out of the pit of fiends.  

Discouraged because of their failure to rescue Asura, and now rejoined by Mythia but missing Asche (as she was with the Patron) and having no idea what happened with Dastan, Aralondil fled the scene.   

A bone devil boldly pursued them and attacked.  Knowing the collateral damage it could cause, Aralondil fled to the lakeshore to fight it.  As it attacked it summoned a Fire Elemental and brought with it three Imps.  Eric assisted in the fight, keeping Weslyn from being consumed in flame as he fought it almost singlehandedly.  Eric, Pyry, and Weslyn fought the Elemental, Snaf and Mythia fought and killed an imp each, and the rest fought the bone devil, seeking to keep it from the weaker members.  Partway through the fight Asche came by the Patron's power, but fell to raking claws of the bone devil.

Finally victorious, Asche managed to score the final devastating blow to the bone devil as it attempted to flee and Kai caught an imp as it attempted to escape, tying it up with the promise of presenting a contract to it.  

The fight was observed by the woman in white fur, the Witch from earlier.  She proposed that Aralondil kill Liecheus in exchange for the location of Asura and information on the others.  Aralondil grudgingly agreed.  In finding that the objectives both also coincided with their first task, and given that Kai had pickpocketed an extravagantly wealthy criminal, they decided to take a week to prepare, outfit, train, and rest before tackling Liecheus and the First Seal.  They each returned to their mentors, concerned for the fates of Asura, Dastan, Lorina, Arturia, and Kane.


That about sums it up

Session Review ACT 1 Part 2
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