Helt Requiem

Wolves and Shades

Kaicoran Dawn

Wake up little shade…

I felt the morning before I saw it. I could feel a bird flitting its way through the air stirring up the wind outside. Opening my eyes, I caught a small glimpse of blue streak pass my open window and out into the open sky twittering a happy song. An energetic blue jay was greeting the rising sun.

I turned back to my room and took note of my belongings. Even in the bright morning light my room seemed to still have small pockets of shadow hiding away in corners; as if they were only biding their time until the sun would be sleeping once more. I guess it would only be natural for the shadows here to cling more tightly to their strongholds inside of the shadow guild.

The room I had been given was plain and sparse. A small bed, a writing desk with a few drawers, and a single chair were its only inhabitants other than myself and the shadows. Snaff and I had passed the first test of entry to the guild the night before and we had been promised training this morning. I gathered my things and left the small room and its shadows to find my teacher.

In the common area I found that most of the members had left to do some task as a group including the masters of the guild. Rochelle stayed behind and taught me new techniques of illusion and how to access a creature’s fears through the shade in their eyes. It seems that fear is a powerful weapon against most creatures. I have seen many creatures look at me with fear even before I could use the shades. I do not understand why. Maybe it is only Sister who can see me without my shades.

Snaff was also trained by young Basil in the arts of the rogue and she seemed to take to it naturally. Once training had finished we set out to meet the others at the blacksmith’s workshop.

Along the way I stopped at the monastery to ask about the young girl we had prevented from burning in the baker’s shop. I was told by a monk that she was being taken care of and did not seem to need the gold that the monks had given me in return for bringing her to them.

At the blacksmith’s we found the rest of the group waiting for us. Mythia had found a very interesting crown that reflected the light in fascinating ways. She had been with Sister at the temple of healing and it seemed that Sister was happy.

The doors and window to the blacksmith’s shop were shut and no sounds of metal came from inside. I convince the door to open and stepped inside to see if the blacksmith was still there. The rest of the group followed and we found her injured and with all her tools and most of her possessions taken. It seems that she had a debt that was unpaid and her debtors came to collect.

The other group called the Silver Foxes arrived and discussed how we could help the blacksmith. We needed her to equip us with weapons and armor so we could better complete the tasks ahead of us. The Foxes didn’t seem to like that I was part of our group. I saw again on them the same look that I had seen many times since entering this city. I am not welcome here.

You are welcome with us little shade…

We left the blacksmith’s shop to find a missing arcanist outside of town. After leaving town we passed through a tunnel lined with statues of kings. We found an interesting hidden room in the side of the tunnel that held many strange books and another that had metal doors without handles. Pyry also found an underwater room with coins and other interesting things but was almost lost after opening a door that released some of the water down a path with living stones. After creating light in my hand, Dastan and I were able to retrieve Pyry and return to the top without being injured by the stones.

Eventually we left the hidden rooms and continued through the tunnel to the other side. I could hear the noise of angry creatures as we came closer to the end of the tunnel and drew a knife to throw in preparation. We came upon what seemed to be a fisherman being attacked by many wolves; he was already surrounded.

Dastan reacted first by letting loose a shot from the bow he had taken from the blacksmith and from there our group became entangled in the fight. These wolves seemed sick to me. They did not act in self-preservation like an animal should but instead fought until the absolute end of their strength and only then could be silenced by death.

I frightened a few of them away using the shades; hoping perhaps they would be free of their sickness in time. Ohm, although being a gentle creature in his heart, crushed several of the wolves that ventured too close to us. In the end, they were all killed or fled except for one which was injured beyond healing but still made its way toward Sister with hate in its eyes. I quickly intercepted and cut the unfortunate creature’s throat so it could finally rest. The blood felt warm and sticky on my hands and smelled of copper; the creature’s life flowing out from the wound until it was no more.

Good…very good…

With the battle finished we talked with the fisherman who told us of the cave we were looking for and mentioned other strange things happening in forest. It seems that something is poisoning the minds of the animals here. The rage of the wolves felt similar to the rage I saw in the face of the flames in the bakery… very curious…

 The fisherman went on his way and we decided to rest for a short time before continuing on our journey to find the arcanist.


Maven Silas_Wolfe

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