Helt Requiem

Boys Will Be Boys

Asche's thoughts

Went to try and see Crystal but no one would tell me where she was. Saw Marisha fighting in the corner and was drawn to her. Almost had a fighting match with her but was “saved” by Lance who has dark good looks yum. He told me where to find Crystal (who goes by Crystaline). On the way, he told me about his sister who also had a flower from the patron. He no longer knows where she was and I said I would find out if I could. Her name is Mary and she is 16. We also made a deal that he would show me the way to the Solitarium in exchange for him training me or taking me out to dinner. I didn’t want to promise anything since 1) I didn’t know if I could trust him and I would need to see what Crystaline thought and 2) I didn’t want to upset the patron by going on a date with another man.

At the Solitarium where Crystal resides, Lance left pointing out a window up top that I might use to sneak in.. A Hebridonian man stepped outside with tattoos and metal covering his body. Not like, armor metal that you can take off, but metal that is poured into the bones and skin to become one with the person. I decided to talk to the man first before trying to break my way into anywhere. His metal was soooooooo cool. His name was Rictor and we became fast friends. He let me in after some chatting. It really helps to be honest with people, but I wonder how much honesty will hurt people. I just don’t like lying flat out. Anyways, I met Crystaline and she agreed to teach me and some other awesome things happened and I was blessed by a Patron. And I found out that the people that sacrificed Asura and killed Kai, Pyry and I were disciples of Fenrir and that there may be some in this city. Crystaline said they would go after the Arcadian monk Kane and his brethren first so I sent a message to them letting them know. I was given a cloth of shrouding and a discerning ring. The ring will let me know what is about. Black for the disciples, red for demons, orange for devils, white for celestials, and silver for record keepers.

As I was writing a letter to Kane there was a commotion outside. I had been followed by twisted dogs shaped creatures that made the ring turn orange. Rictor and Crystaline left on a mission and I was instructed to train with Lance in the meantime. I went to find Lance and his friend Laina to let them know about being trained. Lance tried to apologize for something by saying he really hoped I didn’t think anything by his flirting (which really kind of hurt). It reminded me of my younger days when the boys would follow after Pyry and they would only turn to me as an afterthought. So of course, I said I wasn’t enamored with him and then he turned all silent and dark. I don’t understand boys. No matter how much I try to understand them, I don’t think I will ever understand them. I was given a room at the school/monastery and ate in my room alone. Although it was a small, simple room, it felt like home. Sadly, it costs 1 gold a night. I really need a lover now. Or a job…. I’m worried about that. That night, I think I was visited by the patron… but I’m not sure. I felt like I was given a choice between an open mind, more femininity, or more strength and in my state of just coming from the temple of Philip, I chose strength. Strangely, I felt disappointed in my choice. Well, not me but me. And so I got angry with myself. Again, why would I need more femininity? Why was I again reliving my frustrations from my youth? Why was I not feminine enough for men? And with that, the feeling of the patron left me alone with no gift. Despite that, even with how strange it was, I slept very well.


So many curiosities, and so many left unsaid. : )

Boys Will Be Boys
Maven Linee

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