Helt Requiem


-Asura Dawn

I wish Kai were here and could feed anything frightening he has ever seen to the imagination of my captors.  Pyry would rush in with whatever she has learned and cause storms to erupt around us, and Asche would untie me and carry me out of here like the hero of my dreams, jumping and kicking at anything that tried to stop her.  I try to imagine what everyone can do, but it ends in dispair.  I only have my mind to write in, my imagination is my quill.  I haven't been able to use my hands, or voice, or even cry for days.  

Liecheus is the only reason I haven't been touched or raped or eaten.  I don't feel better with him here, but I am grateful to be alive.  Some of the other girls aren't.  It was a well of hope to see Asche, but she was with Liecheus!  What happened to her!?  Where were the others?  Lorina recieved much worse treatment than I did.  I could only hear her muffled cries.  And then to be beaten, and healed, washed and presented still cold and wet in front of so many hungry eyes…  

Now it is cold.  I am in stone, sitting in a cage in front of a creature that watches me constantly when Liecheus isn't here.  I don't knwo where the rest are, but I fear the worst.  They want me to open a seal.  I don't know how.  They get so angry.  There is this devil here that looks like a man, he hung me on a spike like a slab of meat.  I was in so much pain I passed out.  They take me to be washed occasionally.  I don't know why.  Last night Liecheus removed the bands on my hands and head.  He said he wanted to hear me cry.  To know I still could.  He was angry.  There is a dark sickness here in the shadows, and it makes me feel more naked than mere exposed flesh.  

I am so cold.  I am so alone, except when I am being watched or surrounded by predators.  I shake uncontrollably.  There is no escape here.  The bridge they crossed to get here is broken now, and I don't know where the traps are.  If I triggered just one of them on my way out I know I would die, and while I have given up I don't want them to use my body like they said they would.  I don't want them to show Kai or my sisters or Dastan.  Mythia and Ohm would feel so bad.  It might even make Snaf cry.  

I am done fighting.  I will try to activate the magics they want me to, and unlock the seal.  I don't have any other choice.  I just want all of this to stop.  I'm out of tears.  I don't want to become art like the other girls.  I'll just give him what he wants.  

I hope my friends are alive.  

I hope they never come here.



Maven Maven

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