Helt Requiem

Dear Kayla,

I'm sitting in a small garden inside the city reflecting on our previous battle. While I do miss home, this land is surprisingly beautiful. The flowers and trees are all different but the same and the new smells are refreshing. The sky is usually crisp and almost has a gold hue to it and the air is a bit chillier than home, but still pleasant. The city itself is a melting pot of different cultures and races that flow, and sometimes bash, each other, but it is relatively peaceful for a city this large. Sadly not as friendly as Syvria, but that seems to be common the more I travel about.

We did find Asura, but the other two, Arturia and Lorina, were no where to be found. We had traveled to a mountain cave system that the one called Liecheus had converted into a place of torture and death. I have seen and done things on my travels that I wish I had not, but this was distressing to the soul to see what powerful men do to those weaker than themselves. Luckily, the White Lady was with us and Asura and others were relatively unharmed. Though I don't think they will ever be able to forget what they have seen. I pity them. 

While we all made it back to Sanctuary safely, a fitting name for a city, Ohm and Snaff, the half giant and goblin, that I've had the honor of getting to know are leaving us for a mission elsewhere. While I was cautious at first, I've come to respect them and will miss them dearly. In fact, I think the group is getting closer together. Not even an hour ago I saw Pyry and Asura doing some kind of magic by the fire, our newest member, Tamyr, a scholar I think, was reading from a stack of books that was alarmingly tall, and Asche and Dastan, the bird, wrestling each other as I was leaving the inn. Mythia is helping in the hospital a lot but is always nice to be around, and Kai is handy in a fight. We are all getting stronger and I believe it won't be long before we can leave here.

I could continue to write but I would probably fall asleep in the waning sunlight, so I will end my letter here and head back to the inn.

Know that I love you.

Your younger brother



Yay for #tavern!! :D

A Letter- Reflections

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A Letter- Reflections


A Letter- Reflections


A Letter- Reflections

I enjoy getting to see what’s going on in Weslyn’s head :) Thanks for posting!

A Letter- Reflections
Maven RuntCaustas

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