Helt Requiem

A Letter- Dance and Assassination

Dear Kayla,

I wanted to start by saying, don't be alarmed at how much gold I sent you. I did not mug a rich noble or sack a treasure room. The way of coin is different here. Gold coins are the most common and even simple purchases can include them. It is very different from home and from other places that I've traveled to, but I feel we can use this to our advantage. I have a deal and other jobs lined up to get us a fair amount of coin that I will send your way. With luck, we should be able to afford to contract a healer from the capital.

While things are still calm here, I'm worried that there is a storm brewing just out of sight. While searching for leads of our end goal, some our companions were captured, Kai's young sister, Asura, being one of them. In searching for them, we were approached by a Lady who wanted us to kill one of the other influential people of the town. I was unaware of the offer and could not state my disapproval about participating in so called political assassination, but the group ended up accepting the offer. I fear this might make things more complicated, but it is decided and I will protect them as best I can.

As such, I have furthered my skill in sword combat. I laugh how much my skill has changed since I started those many years ago. I was brutish and aggressive with my sword, but now I dance around like you and the other girls did during Fructidous festival. I'm sure you would laugh with me. That reminds me, while training this past week I was extended an offer to learn <s>Thomottergy</s>, <s>Thaumo </s>, detecting magic. While it is not as impressive as your spells, I am still happy to announce that I can cast some type of magic. I will show you when I return.

We are about to move out now, I think we found were they are holding our companions.

I'll write again soon

Your younger brother



: )
This one is much happier. In a way.

A Letter- Dance and Assassination

Weslyn doesn’t know how to spell it

A Letter- Dance and Assassination
Maven RuntCaustas

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