The Rules of Bloodlines:

1. Bloodlines is not a gospel. Do not blaspheme or make connections to any religion in the real world.  
2. The Story is King. There is an understanding between player and GM.  The GM will be fair and impartial and keep story "King" and the player will RolePlay.  No MinMaxing for its own sake. Also, the story being king means things that would happen in this situation will happen, and unless it interferes with Rule 4 or Rule 5 things will be realistic and fate-based. Don't expect to be miraculously saved if it wouldn't make sense.
3. Keep Your Pants On Literal. Shirts optional.  Pants are a must. Don't worry about why this is a rule;  if you don't understand it isn't meant for you anyway.
4.  GM will not roleplay sex.  Implied yes, implicit maybe, explicit never.  In any case.  Most cases will result in a Will save.  Romantic encounters may be important to the story or character, and such can happen tastefully but keep in mind Rule 5
5. Don't make people uncomfortable. If someone doesn't want to roleplay something or if it makes people nervous or uncomfortable STOP, or you will be stopped. If you are uncomfortable with certain themes (such as the presence of demons, discussions of uncomfortable topics, mature themes, homosexuality, rape, excessive violence to name a few past requests) PLEASE inform me at the beginning of the campaign or ASAP and I will be happy to accommodate you. 
6. Don't Blame the GM for, as in rule 2, there is an agreement.  If you feel something was unfair complain in game or bring an argument to the GM after the session.  Don't rage at the GM for your misfortune.  It poisons the atmosphere and slows down the game.
7. Don't get 'Salty'.  Don't let in-game frustrations transfer to out-of-game people.  Don't be upset at a player or the GM for something another PC or NPC did, or for your misfortunes.
8. No Revenge allowed between players and players, players and GM, or GM and Players.  In-game death cannot be held over your head as a player, and errant behavior is unacceptable for out-of-character reasons.
9. No Meta-gaming:  Do not allow out-of-game reasoning or knowledge to sway your actions, opinions, words, or otherwise.  Feel free to ask if you would know something in-game or not. Leave the spiders out.  If M-G becomes a problem the MG Pizza Jar will be re instituted.
10. Don't Fight the GM: The GM must try their best to describe a visual experience and a lot falls on them with calculations, positioning, and keeping the plates spinning ( ) and sometimes the physics or general details may be off a little bit.  Don't stop the game by pointing these out and arguing about them unless it is necessary to your character that this information be known.  Interpreting the situation or the dice is an arbitrary action, and arguing with the GM is like arguing with the referee.  It stops play, creates frustration, and it never ends well.  If there is a legitimate reason to state your case or you need clarification you may ask the GM to "repaint the scene" but otherwise please wait till the end of the session to point out problems, if you feel they must be brought up at all.

11. Same Team: Friends have each-other's backs.  Always.  You don't betray, belittle, or insult one another, etc unless such behavior is in good fun and is previously agreed upon by both parties in such a way that there can be no misunderstanding.  Being a part of Bloodlines is being a part of a family.  A close group supports each other member and gameplay as well as real life interaction is SO MUCH BETTER for it.  If you are not a friend, you don't get to play Bloodlines.


Other rules will be posted as needed.


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