The Pantheon of Bloodlines (CYCLE 4—BASIC)

Most of the MAIN Patrons of the Light and Dark Pantheon:

Teonas "The White Lady", "Queen of the Sun" Justice, Virtue, Holiness, Femininity, Fertility, Gardens, Beauty, Divine Mages, Truth NG-LG
Phillip "Lord of Strength" Physical and mental strength, Victory on the battlefield, poetry, manliness, Fighters, Protection, Family NG
Rethan "Guardian of Knowledge" Druids, Historians, Priests, Non-Arcadian Monks NG
Titania "Queen of the Fair Folk" Justice, Paladins, Chivalry, Lawkeepers, Light Fairies LG
Jolene "The Lady of the Oceans" Altarin, Seafarers, Corsairs, Temple-keepers, Some Elementalists, Storms NN
Asacia "The Battlemaid" Light Magic, Psionics, Purity NG
Ravennica "The Craftsman" Mountians, Forges, Sanctuary, Some Elementalists NN
Arcadia, "The Righteous" Monks, those who fight evil, Priestesses, Protecting that which is sacred CG
Arison "The King of Dragons" Dragons, Learning, Valryans, Children of the Mind Fire NG
Nihlen "Death" Lawful death, execution of the law, fairness, balance, fate. LN
Seth "The King of Nighthall" Pain, Clarity, Relief, Confusion, Duality, Meaning, making deals NN
Lillia "The Queen of Dragons" Dragonborn, Draconic mages, Libraries, Shadow Mages LN
Khylandil "The Blade" Protection, Redemption, Retribution, the Weak, Protectors, Shadow Mages, Rogues NN
Aiselene "Dark Sage" Arcane Knowledge, Magic Schools, the Repentant, Chaos Mages CN
Selena "Queen of the Fey", "Lady of the Moon" Dark Fey, Undead, Vampiri, Moon, Werewolves, anything Nocturnal, Maidens, Rangers, Hunters CN

Evil Pantheon includes Bhall (sr.) (Slaughter) [currently bound], Molech (King of Evil) [restricted to other plane], Tupreia (Lies), Charchiele (Wickedness), Vecna (Undeath) [currently bound], and Erinyea (Demons).


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