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  • Prologue Session Review

    After 5 years together in a Sivryan Cat community in Sivrya, Asche the Sivryan Cat, Pyry the adopted Altarin, and Kaicoran and Asuratea the fey-children, stumbled across a dark magician building an obelisk in the feywood.   …

  • Second and Third Session Review

    3rd Day of Juvius 

    Upon scaring off a fairy and meeting a friendly Squirrel Sivryan named Vora, Our heroes continued on to Sanctuary.  The Raven awoke and the heroes discovered he couldn't speak common, meaning that Mithia …

  • Session Review ACT 1 Part 2

    It has been a hard week.

    The forces have revealed themselves.  A dragon in human form by the name of Kael has been sent by Death as a guide to the Requiem participants who call themselves Aralondil.  The Patron as he …