Helt Requiem

The Beginning
The story of Ohm, the Half-Giant

I am not…good…with speaking. Not…eloquent.

I like to read. And to write. But…not fast.

I will try to tell my story well. Thank you for…listening.

My friend is called Snaff.

No…not a good place to start. Hmm…

As you can see, I am…small. For a half-giant. Other half-giants did not want me in…the quarry.

But I liked the library. The men there were kind. They gave me books to read. I loved the letters. The shapes. One day I tried to make them myself. The scholars…liked…what I did. They asked me to be a scribe. I made the…very big books. I made designs. Colors. Gold…leaf even. It took time but…it made me happy.

I started when I was only a child. Sixteen years old. I think it was. That was thirty-five years ago. But I am still…young. For…a half-giant.

In the library I learned. Of the mind—the psi. Of…magic. Magic…takes its time. It must be pondered. To open the mind to that magic…is to see what is and is not. It goes…deeper. Deeper than the rocks. The trees. The rivers and oceans. It is…everywhere. In…everything. In the corpus and in the astra. It is beyond…physical things.

I spent…a long time. Learning. Other half-giants did not visit the library. It was…lonely.

One day I met my friend. Snaff. But…she was not my friend then. She tried…to burn some of my books. Goblins…like to burn things…

…I am sorry. That was…unkind to say. They are an ancient race. Many are good. Snaff is good. Young people…of any race…do silly things.

I caught her. By the ears. She did not want me to…turn her in. We made a deal. She would help me. With the books. Keeping them organized. I have…trouble. With the lower shelves.

I like Snaff. She says…I am slow. But we are friends.

We were in the library when…it fell. The ground shook. People. Screaming. All my books. Falling. The walls falling…

…I am sorry. It…makes me so…sad…

The building started to collapse. I could not find Snaff. I was…frightened. Then. A loud crack. Darkness. Pain. It took…time. To die.

Then, no more pain. Quiet. Nothing. But…I was still…myself. I awoke. A black place. Cold. There were…others there. Like shadows. And a man. He had…blue eyes. He was…strange. 

He needed something. If we helped, we could…live again. I said yes. I want to rebuild. The others said yes as well.

And then, we were in water. I was me. The water was…cold. But to feel. I was…glad.

And Snaff was there, too. Not hurt. Anymore. That…also made me glad.

It was a pretty place. But I didn't have clothes. I…did not want to offend anyone. But one of the others was sad when I broke the tree. She was very pretty. I…did not want to make her sad. I did not break any more trees. But I did want clothes. Not just branches.

One of the others…found a cave. He is like her. A Fey, I believe. But I have only seen them in books. There is an Alaryan, too. And an Altarin. And a big man. And something else. Not…a shifter. I think. But she has ears. Like…a cat. I wanted to touch them, but…that would not be polite.

Their auras are bright. Colors…swirl in and out. As if…all of what they are has not been…made. 

All of us went into the cave. We did not know what to expect. But at least it was dark. I…still wanted clothes. The others…did not seem so…bothered.

Eventually, we found a room. It was not a nice place. But no one was hurt. Still…in that room I realized that our task…would be dangerous. And long. It made me uneasy. But…that might have been because…I still had no clothes.

I Dream in Shadows
Kaicoran Dawn

I dream in shadows. Shades of grey and black carry my spirit to realms where light and dark are blurred and intertwined.

I am a shadow among shadows.


Free at last. This is your home.


Yet this is not home. How can shadow have meaning without a light to cast it? I search for my light but there is only a swirling mist and the dark.


She is not here little shade… Why do you seek her?


My dark spirit flies through the endless void yet finds no variation in the dimness. I do not fear the dark. I am the dark. But I fear for her; and she fears much. What meaning does my shadow have if she does not illuminate its form?

I fly faster only to find the dark thicken and swallow up the variations of grey churning in the mist. I can no longer distinguish my shadow from the void; the definition of my spirit also swallowed up in the vast sameness of the swirling expanse.

I am the void.


Now it is complete.


Suddenly I see the earth laid out before me. Lands and oceans bathed in light covered with peoples of all kinds. I see our old home and I swallow it in the void. Our new home with Asche and Pyry I devour. All is consumed in the dark and I hunger for more. Mountains and valleys are absorbed into the endless mist, then continents and oceans. All creatures and living things enter the darkness to be one with the void and join in the sameness it brings.

All things are equal in the dark.

I swallow the world and am left yet again with an infinite span of swirling blackness; yet I hunger still…


My eyes open and I wake to the sound of Sister’s soft footfalls in the grass outside. She was dancing to a song the wind played through its long slender blades while she hummed along with it a soft melody. I knew the dance. She would often call for me to dance along with her but my feet would fall out of rhythm and disturb the wind; I prefer to watch instead.

The dreams are more frequent now. I do not know what to make of them, but Sister comforts me and chases away the void that clings to my spirit when I wake.


Stepping outside I see her turn mid-dance and smile. The void flees and I am whole once more.

It is a new day. She is the light, and I am her Shadow.


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