Eric Brightwave

Altarin Prince, Elementalist


52 Health 16 AC Support: Pyry E

Air Render 1 1 1 Compress the air in front of your fist and, with a strike, channel that force in front of an enemy to be detonated with stunning force, dealing a d8 damage at a range of ELx10 feet. The target is surrounded by a force of air that can be detonated to do 2d6+WIS Concussive damage. This force lasts for 2 turns, then dissipates.

Water Burst (Water Render) 1 1 1 Summon ambient or stored water into a concussive blast on an opponent up to 10’ x Mage Level, dealing d6 bludgeoning. Increase vulnerability to Electrical damage (x2) and cause victim to suffer a – 2 to awareness-based checks for two turns. (DC 12 WIS save for no penalty) (PUMP COST:1 — d6, Will+2)

Bolt 1 1 1 Generate an arc of electrical power that deals d4+WIS Electrical damage to an opponent with an effective range of 60 feet plus caster level x 10 feet.

Ice Shield 2 1 1 Summon a buckler-sized Ice sheet to absorb damage. It absorbs your Wis mod x 10 damage, then shatters, or lasts until you cast something else, or five turns have passed. AC+5 (2) Ice shield is now a heater-shield size and lasts until you cast something else, or ten minutes have passed. (3) Ice Shield is now full-shield-sized and has your Wis mod x 20 HP, lasts for ten minutes. You may move and cast freely.

Lightning Render 2 Bolt 1 3 Create a concussive strike on an opponent dealing d8 bludgeoning and 3d4+2 Electrical damage. Creates an electrical field that if detonated stuns for d4 turns, unless enemy succeeds DC10 Fortitude check. 5% chance spell failure. (2) 4d4+3 damage and no spell failure.

Ice Wall 4 Ice Shield 1 1 Summon a wall of ice up to 50’ high, 50’ across. It takes double fire damage, immune to cold damage (but not to kinetic, ice dagger would still do damage). It has health = your WIS mod x 20.

Water Current 2 Water Render 1 1 Manipulate water to slowly push things with up to 50 lbs of force for 3 turns.

Rock Bracer I 5 General Proficiency in shields 1 3 Cover your hand with a rock you can touch. Enough rock must be present to cover reasonably your entire fist and wrist. This rock counts as a 20AC material, provided you can reasonably use it to block a bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing blow. It hits with 1d8+STR damage, and effectively has HP = your WIS mod x level. Rock must be dry. The material rock used in the bracer is taken from the source permanently, and becomes rubble when destroyed or in ten minutes. You cannot cast other spells while it is active. BONUS: All Bracer abilities are immune to small amounts of natural fire. They can be used to poke about in fires, pick up superheated stones or coals, put out torches or small fires, etc at no threat to the host. Note: Dragonfire treats all rock armor as if it didn’t exist.

Well of Power 5 1 0 Increase your mana pool by 5. (2) +5 (3) +5.

Air Armor 5 Air Render 1 6 Surround yourself with swirling Air energy that deflects incoming missile attacks for 2 turns. This grants an additional +3 to AC vs. missile attacks made from any creature one size larger than you or less. For one mana more you may cast this on an ally.

Rock Bracer II 7 Rock Bracer I 1 3 Rock Bracer extends to your elbow, uses slightly more rock, lasts 20 minutes, and has double the HP. You may cast one spell while this is active.

Ice Storm 7 Iceblade 1 5 Create a hail of Icicle daggers that does 3d10 damage to anything in a field of 60 feet around a specific target you can see.

Threaten with Gravity 7 Air Render 1 5 Cast an area of wind energy that creates an air-energy field around the first person to take aggressive action. This effect can be detonated, dealing 2xWIS concussive damage to the target. 25% to immobility.

Ice Dagger 4 Iceblade 1 3 Fire a dagger-sized needle-sharp Icicle at high speed at a target up to 15’ away x level. WIS+d8 damage. If the target is Silenced, on fire, electrified, or took necrotic damage the turn before, Ice blade detonates the elemental energies, shattering the target’s energy. Target takes an additional d8 damage and DC5 Will or stunned for 1 turn.

Threaten with Sloth 7 Ice Dagger 1 5 Cast an area of frozen energy that creates a ice field around the first person to take aggressive action. This effect can be detonated, dealing 2xWIS ice damage to the target. 25% for Freeze

Rapid Cast 8 Rapid Render, Polycast 1 * Cast any two spells simultaneously. Costs double the combined cost of both spells.

Rapid Render 5 2 * Cast two render abilities as if it were one spell, costs double the combined cost of the render spells.

Polycast 7 5 levels in one Mage class 1 5 You have studied, practiced, and finally learned the rare art of casting two spells at once. You may not use a move action this round.

Combat Mage Training 6 Must have a Mentor 1 You learn from a mentor how deadly a mage can be in the midst of battle. You gain +1 to each magic attack damage die rolled. This point counts as “Force” damage and ignores armor. (even if an attack would be stopped by armor, unless the enemy has a resistance or immunity to Force damage that enemy takes 1 damage.)

Rapid Strike 1 1 3 Attack as normal, then immediately attack the same enemy again with the same weapon, provided you do not have to reload.

Heroic Intercession 1 1 1 Through Divine energy, transfer all damage that would be done to an ally you have Support with to yourself instead. Acts as an Interrupt.


Last heir of the Brightwave family that was decimated by demons, Eric has grown being trained by his mother of poor health, a Priestess of Jolene, and his Uncle and Honorguard Raylin. His father and several other leaders were killed for their involvement in the “Path” a movement to unify the leaders of several factions and restore balance to Vallen. He seeks revenge for his father’s death, peace for his people, and a resolution of his father’s ideals.

Eric Brightwave

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