Helt Requiem

Second Session Review


3rd Day of Juvius 

Upon scaring off a fairy and meeting a friendly Squirrel Sivryan named Vora, Our heroes continued on to Sanctuary.  The Raven awoke and the heroes discovered he couldn't speak common, meaning that Mithia and Ohm were the only ones who could communicate.  He disclosed that his name was Dastan, and that he was also on the Trial.  He agreed to join us, and became the subject of interest for Asura.  

Vora introduced them to the Sleeping Dragon Inn, and promised to return the next day.  Ohm led the group to his home in the Stone District and inspected the collapsed Library.  Ohm discovered that his home was tied to the investigation somehow, and was now the property of the Patron as he had been reported dead in the collapse.  A Goldeye informed the still underdressed party that the collapse of the Library may not have been an accident.  A Rock Elemental rose out of the earth and would have attacked if not for the unnaturally calming words of Ohm.  Instead the primordial calmed itself and was content to follow us for a time.  

A man named Luc at the Inn helped situate the heroes with clothes and a room (or a few) and a meal, courtesy of Brinna the barkeep.  The first real rest since Death was a good one, and refreshed, the party figured they would find out what to do next.  Kai discovered another adventurer already at the Inn also on the quest, and invited him to join the group.  Now that the group was 10 people strong, Brinna insisted that they pick a name.  Eventually they settled on Aralondil or The Determined Light as a tentative name, though at the time the Raven had no idea what was going on.  

The heroes rang up quite a tab in the Metal District with a kindly blacksmith girl named Jordanna, who seemed to be charging high prices for all of her commissions.   While she started on the orders the heroes started looking for work that they could accomplish easily to help pay for the weapons and armor.


Maven Maven

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