Helt Requiem

Into the Dark

Kaicoran Dawn, Asuratea Dawn

I awoke to darkness and was greeted by Death.  It was cold.

I saw that Sister stood next to me and I felt less sad.  I'm glad we were together. I must have died as well by the Evil that had slain her. I wish I had killed him. Sister doesn’t mind as much when I kill evil things.  Evil things kill freely.  They have to be stopped.  I don't like it, but it makes sense…

Death began to speak to us and I noticed there were more beings standing with us in the dark. I saw Asche and Pyry and felt sad again; they would be missed by their parents. There were also several others that I had never seen before. Was this what it meant to die?  It was weird and cold, and I felt like we were… interrupted.  Like we didn't die the way we were supposed to.

Death’s words were cold and hard as stone. We had been chosen to complete a task for him in exchange for life, otherwise we would be taken by Death never to return to the realm of the living again. We all agreed to complete this task, although we still knew not what, and in an instant the dark room had disappeared and in its place was the feeling of cold water and bright sunlight from above.  The water wasn't that cold.  It was actually kind of warm.

There was a white beach, a forest, and a mountain; all empty of life. This place could be called beautiful in the same way a polished gem is beautiful; pure… but sterile.  Ooh. what a pretty and accurate description. You're getting better at this brother.  Sister sensed the lack of life first.  It was the quiet.  I spied a cave some distance up and seeing that the others meant Sister no harm I went to explore for any other possible life.

At the mouth of the cave there was a small tent and the remnants of a camp for one. Whoever had stayed here had long since left much like the rest of the life here. Inside the cave was long and ended beyond my sight, but a breath of wind whispered to me that this was no cave; it was a tunnel.

I went back to tell the others. The large one had broken some tree branches and had upset Sister but he seemed to be of a gentle kind.  I don't think he meant harm.  I couldn't hear the trees whisper anyway, it was like they were already gone… A strange creature sat on his shoulder and whispered things into his ears. I also noticed for the first time a winged woman and strong looking man.  Such beautiful people!  The big one called me "quite pretty".  Made me smile. 

We all made our way to the entrance of the tunnel and delved into the darkness. When it became too dark for even myself to see I created light in my hand, as I would sometimes to dispel the dark that often would frighten Sister, and found a door. Pushing the door open we found a small room with a hole in the center. In one corner of the room there was a dead body of a Sylvan, Poor man! in the other a barrel. The strange creature on the large one’s shoulders hopped down and crossed on one side of the room only to be nearly missed by a spike shooting out of the wall. This room was a room of traps.

I tried to cross on the other side but slipped in a puddle of black slime gross and would have nearly fell into the pit were it not for the large one that grabbed me before I could fall. We all made it across the room where another door waited with no handle but four small holes that could be turned. Using some sticks found among the old campsite we turned the lock and entered the next room.  It tried to cut our fingers off!  We went through several sticks.

We progressed much the same way through the next several rooms, solving puzzles and avoiding traps. There were spiders that crawled out of the walls in one room that frightened sister Oh Light don't even talk about those things.  They were so crawly and flat and hairless and scary!  very much but Pyry prevented them from harming us with her water. YAY PYRY.  MY HERO SISTER! We then entered the largest room yet where a pale man with horns waited for us.

In the room also was an ogre in a cage and three levers. The horned man was a curious kind of creature and Pyry asked him many questions.  I don't like the way he looked at me. The price of his knowledge to safety was a fire to cook his meat… very curious…  Yeah, he had chicken he couldn't enjoy because it was raw.  Who feeds someone raw chicken?  There are so many delicious things that is just… a waste!

We picked up another creature in the next room who was only barely alive but was winged like the woman; except this was a man with black feathered wings like a raven. He had a sword which I decided would be less useful to him so I relieved him of it.  But you're going to give it back, right?

After passing through another room of puzzles we were faced with the choice of a sword, dagger, or spear before entering what seemed to be the final room. Choosing the spear for its versatility and because it was GORGEOUS we entered a room as large as the one with the pale man but this time the ogre inside was not in a cage. On the ogre’s belt was a key and it became obvious what our final task was to be.  I decided to stay in the back near Pyry.

It was not an easy creature to kill, and Sister seemed to be upset as we hurt it, but thanks to a rather particular placement of the spear Ewwww by Asche we were able to bring it down. Just in time to see the strange small creature from the large one’s shoulder unlock the door on the other side of the room.

The sunlight beyond the door was full of life. A city lay below in a valley.  It felt so good, like this sun was warmer and friendlier.  I felt more alive once we were able to get back out into the living air again!

Yet it seems as if our tasks have only just begun.

Forebode!!!  Haha, dramatic timing ruined.


Interesting. It’s good to be able to read about the events that I missed. Great log!

Into the Dark
Maven Silas_Wolfe

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