Helt Requiem

I have sworn an oath

I am writing this as Weslyn, a tiefling whose name I fail to remember (she is a tiefling after all, and therefore I do not trust her entirely), and I begin our search for potions and antidotes for our wounded party members. We have been through an ordeal; one that I thought meant certain death for us. But I should start from the beginning, only a day ago.

Since arriving on this island, I have been introduced to creatures that I thought were lost to Helt, or have retreated from the world with their awesome power. (Dragons! Dragons are here!) Upon entering Sanctuary, my Corsair partners and I had a…disagreement pertaining to our fortune. With a minor falling out, we were seperated and I entered the campus that held the Patrons' temples, and found the monestary of my brethren. My brethren are dead….. apparently slaughtered by demons. Before I could gather more information, I was led to a hospital and introduced to a powerful healer. I thought her confused at the time, mistaking me for a member of my local order of my brothers, for she asked me if I was dead yet. The importance of this questions would later be revealed to me. Oh, how naive I was when I first set foot on this island. Explaining my situation and visions to her, she confirmed my research; it's location has been uncovered and is being threatened to be taken. I now must see it delivered to the only power that can be trusted with it: Death. 

I was led from the hospital by a peculiar duo, a man and woman, to an inn to meet a team that was undergoing a trial. Upon seeing their faces, I knew that these were the individuals from my visions. I had misinterpreted them in Illydia, assuming that the faceless figures were Arkadian monks like I. Though not what I had expected, they were good, kind, and powerful individuals; I was humbled to be in their presense and even more so to be welcomed like a long departed family member. A beloved member of their entourage had been stolen from them. They were just about to leave the city to where she was being held captive…at one of the mage seals that must be broken in order to acquire the book. Their priorities inline with mine, I joined the team and we set off for the mountains. The trials that we underwent inside the mountain… I will not recount. Needless to say, they put us to the test; I do not know about the others, but I came away from the mountain…defeated.

When I began this journey, I assumed that my role would be what it has always been, that of a more academic, advisory role. I was not prepared to be thrust into such grand schemes and plots far beyond this mortal realm. A portal opened inside a city, which has fallen to the control of demons, with more demons pouring through even as I write this. Though i have read all the stories of grand adventures and heroic deeds, though I had daydreamed of being transported to the past to stand alongside such men like Sain and to stand triumphant with them, these were all flights of fantasy. And yet here I was, in person, to watch the world burn. My faith falter, not in Arcadia, but in myself. Surely, there were others better suited than I for such deeds. There are others far greater than I…

With the first seal burned, and Asura (the stolen companion) secured, we returned to the city. My heart weeps for her, and from what I have recently learned of her ordeal, I fear that she may never be the same. When we returned to the inn, more members of our party were taken from us, though this time for a higher, righteous duty. Ohm, and humble and well learned half-giant, and Snaf, a feisty, ferocious, yet lovable rogue, ascended to rule over the realm of dreams. Though I am new to them, they shall be greatly missed. Though probably the most unlikely of partners, they are the epitome of what I strive for. For if these two could find harmony and peace with each other, surely there is hope for Helt, for balance.

There, our party went their separate ways for the remainder of the day. I believe we all needed time to reflect upon that which had happened to us, and that which still lay before us. Pyry, an Altarin elementalist, asked that I accompany her to the grand library for my help in finding information that she required. What happened to me during this visit, I cannot retell, for I have sworn myself to secracy and fear that should I fail and my journal fall into wrong hands, many lives will be endangered. Needless to say, my already battered mind and soul were pummeled by the events that followed. While Pyry familiarized herself with the library, I stumbled across an ancient volume, one that even I did not know existed. In it, I was shocked to find my name, speaking directly to me, calling me to a sacred duty.

To my shame, I shut down. It was the final blow that I could not handle. My mind left me then, and I cannot accurately recall the events that followed after. Bits and pieces still come back to me, like returning to the inn to leave the books I had found for Pyry, I may have wandered the city. Maybe I made a supper at the monastery. I do know I dreamed, lying at the feet of Arcadia, the statue present in all her temples. There, I swore my allegiance to her services, again. In my dream-like state, I could have swore that I spoke directly to her. I offered myself to her as her blade, her soulblade, to wield as she desired. During my oath, I was given a master, he who will train me to accomplish my mission and sacred calling. 

The following day, one of Pyry's acquantances went missing during a routine escort mission. (I'm noticing a pattern with this group…) While searching for her, we were set upon by the foul man Leicheus. There, he offered us a deal, a contract. We were to serve him, and in return we would be left unharmed. I did not recall it at the time, my attention focused upon the Pitfiend that stood beside him, but the situation now reminds me of a story I have once read, involving Seth offering a deal much like this one…

Again, I will not write here the manor in which we were able to escape, however we received help. Having found Pyry's friend, it came to our attention that another city, north of us (where we are now hidden, searching), had been corrupted and must be redeemed. There may be a few that are worthy to save, but for the rest: death.

I must end here, for I must help my non-human companions in this city of only humans. The effects of the Hibindee poison us still. If my written could travel across time and space, I would cry out to Sanctuary. Beware the horrors that are coming your way! Beware the faces of the Hibindee! Beware it's long reach! Beware!


great log!!!!

I have sworn an oath

Very nice. _

I have sworn an oath
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