Helt Requiem

Arrival in Sanctuary

Kaicoran Dawn, Asuratea Dawn

It was good to rest for a moment after defeating the large ogre. The sun felt warm on my skin and made me feel glad to have escaped the enclosed darkness of the mountain. Being in a forest that was alive felt like home again. Perhaps we would make this our new home?  You did always prefer the outdoors.

The black winged creature awoke after the white winged woman I think she said her name was Mythia healed the wound to his head. He seemed confused and did not speak. I asked what he called himself but he only stared back blankly in return. He must have been hit in the head very hard.

We introduced ourselves to the confused creature and he seemed to understand that we were giving him names to call us by and answered us that his name was Dastan. Sister seemed to look at him strangely. I DID NOT

Kane seemed bothered by something as he meditated and I reached for my bent knife instinctively. Sister recognized the presence as a small fairy and I relaxed a little; sadly, we had already scared it away.  It was just saying hello.

In the distance, we saw a gigantic figure moving through the forest with its head above the trees. It was a giant at least three times as large as Ohm moving away from us towards the city. Ohm said that it was leaving a quarry and wouldn't hurt anyone. The city we were just outside of was apparently Ohm and Snaff’s home. How strange to die and come back home like nothing had happened…  yeah.

Before leaving the clearing Kane and Asche found another Sivryan resting in the sun. This one though was unlike any I had seen in Sivrya before with a squirrel’s ears and tail.  Her tail was so fluffy and cute! She seemed nervous at Asche’s cat-like nature and after moment ran off toward the city.  Poor thing.  I would be worried too in a place like this.  I wonder if she has been through the same things we have.  Would we trust something that looked like a predator?  Like that Giant?

We all followed her to the city and were met by the large guard who asked us about a cart leaving the city with stolen things. He seemed unsurprised at our appearance and at our story of having died and traveling through the mountain.  I honestly don't think he was paying much attention.  He was kind of impatient, and who just accepts that kind of story!? After telling us the rules of entry to the city, which I may not have fully paid attention to, Pretty sure he said no stealing.  Pretty sure you heard that part and ignored it.  we entered and followed Ohm to his home since none of us had any money for the inns.

On the way to Ohm’s house we passed the library which had been destroyed by the moving of the earth. Ohm’s death must have been very painful.  A golden eyed man dressed in an amazing thick black coat stopped us and asked Ohm many questions; after which he gave us a curious coin made of glass which he said would provide for our needs in the city for a while. The man also told Ohm that his home had been taken after the destruction of the library and that he would also need to find another place to stay so Ohm came with us to go an inn that the squirrel had told us to stay at before she ran away.

On the way to the inn a creature of earth rose out of the ground and seemed to be angry with us. Ohm then spoke very strongly and the creature seemed to obey him. Very curious…

At the inn, we were received and given rooms thanks to the glass coin. We bathed and were clothed by the keepers on the inn and then we slept. The next morning, we gathered together to decide on a name for our group since the innkeeper said that it would be important somehow. We were told of another adventurer that stay at the inn who might be willing to help us so I went to find him and bring him back to the group. After looking in several rooms, I found another Sivryan cat sharpening a sword who appeared to be the most adventure like person I had seen so I brought him back to the group.

We spent some time trying to come up with a name but were unable to decide on anything. Ohm suggested that we were all determined and Sister thought that something to do with light would speak well of the group. Eventually we decided on The Determined or Light Determined, Aralondil, until we felt something else was more fitting so we could move downstairs to discover what our first task was to be.

The innkeeper told us that we would need to prove ourselves to discover the tasks and that we would also need money to buy equipment. It seems the people here do not like being very straightforward in what it is we are supposed to do.  I don't know.  She was awful casual.  It seems like she has several assumptions that I don't think fit.

We found a blacksmith that could make the things we would need and she gave us the price for the equipment; it would take us some time to gather together that much gold.

There were jobs posted outside of the inn where we had slept that paid various amounts of gold so our group decided to split up so we could perform several jobs in less time. I went with Asche, Dastan, the white winged woman whose name was Mythia, and Sister to investigate what was described as cursed bread at a bakery of a man named Pike.

When we reached the bakery it was on fire and surround by people trying to extinguish it. They seemed to be unconcerned about the possibility of people burning inside. Mythia saw that there was in fact something still alive inside of the flames so I thought it would be best to prevent it from burning as well. Burning is a very painful way to die.  I am not going to talk about how frustrating your risk-taking is.

Asche asked one of the elementalists to cover me in a suit of swirling water to protect me from the fire which she did so after some convincing. Mythia then dropped me into the building through a hole burnt through the roof and onto the second floor where I was just able to grab a girl before she fell into the hotter lower half of the enflamed house. Dastan tried to go too, but I …stopped him.  Before jumping out of the window with the girl I thought I saw a face in the flames writhing and full of rage and pain. I felt sad for the fire, it didn’t seem to know that it was burning this girl, but the water was growing thin around my skin and steamed off rapidly so I exited the burning home just in time to be caught by winged Mythia and be let safely to the ground with the girl.

I was greeting by Sister with a cool bucket of water which felt somewhat refreshing after the heat of the flames. We learned from the girl that her name was Malea and that her parents had been consumed by the fire before we were able to reach her. We accompanied her to the monastery and the monks there took her in. It seemed like she would be taken care of there.

After leaving Malea with the monks we returned to the inn and met with the rest of the group who had delivered a letter to a giant near the quarry. They had also met another golden-eyes that did not seem to be a part of the rest of golden eyed men that enforced the laws in the city. He met us at the inn and took us up to our room to talk in private but before we could talk another pair of gold-eyes knocked on the door and summoned us to meet the Patron of the city. They didn’t seem to notice the other gold-eyes with us in the room.  You are really confusing people.  What is your obsession with eyes?

They took us to large tower that was covered in gemstones and inlayed with gold that reflected the light in fascinating ways. We were taken up to the Patron in a curious mechanism that lifted us up through the air until we reach the door to the hall where he stayed. He felt like a very powerful creature and looked at Sister in a way that made me unsettled.  It felt like he was staring through me.  It scared me a little. Not predatory, just… so calculating. He also seemed to take a liking to Asche.

He told us that he could offer us protection should we fail Death’s task and that he would reward us significantly if we were to bring the item that Death wanted to him first rather than to Death. After he finished speaking to us we excused us all except for Asche who he wished to speak in private with. Pyry was not willing to leave at first but eventually came down the mechanism with the rest of us to wait for Asche.

She returned after some time and was unharmed from what we could see. We returned to the inn and met with the other gold-eyes who told us his name was Kael. He explained that he was sent from Death to give us some instruction and aid and then finally he gave us the clearest instructions we had received yet on what it was we were supposed to do and where to start looking for this item.

He also told us of places and masters that we could learn from to become more skilled and better able to complete the tasks ahead. After he left we decided to see about the equipment that we had ordered from the blacksmith Jordanna.  She is nice. then split up again to seek out these masters and meet again the next day.  


A good account of events :)

Arrival in Sanctuary
Maven Maven

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