Helt Requiem

An Unsure Awakening

-Dastan Kiari

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Dastan was suddenly shaken awake. He felt as if a he had been hit in the back of the head. Hard. Wait… He had been hit in the back of the head hard, and his little finger lobbed off. Dastan tried to open his eyes and orient himself, to no avail. He could feel the closeness of a few people. He didn’t like having everyone above him. After the events of the day prior, Dastan exiting the room with the man he made a deal with… what happened?

Was it fatigue? Perhaps unconsciousness finally took him, and Dastan was just too focused to notice. Regardless of the cause of his slumber, he began to feel the tingle of his pinkie again; the throbbing of his head started to dull. As his eyes opened the first time, he saw a rather strange and diversified group. The winged human was muttering things under her breath that Dastan couldn’t understand. Whatever the Alaryan was doing, it was helping. Dastan slowly yawned as he felt the waves of healing pass over him.

With a shock of embarrassment, Dastan quickly looked himself over as best he could. He was wearing a black outfit, fitted and layered. Black slacks, with matching shirt, vest, and cloak covered him from head to toe. A small sigh escaped his lips as he was glad to avoid such an experience. It was about this time when he noticed that the group around him wasn’t so lucky. Many of them were missing articles of clothing. Dastan decided that it was best to divvy out some of the clothes he had to the party's needed members.

Dastan became suddenly very confused, as he noticed that he couldn’t understand any of the conversations that were happening between the now newly covered persons. It seemed everyone around him spoke in some foreign tongue. In fact, it didn’t seem that way, that was exactly the case. As he mulled over the possibility of communication he noticed that one of the new faces was staring intently at him. What did he want? The dark fairy, didn’t he know it was rude to stare? Just speak! Speak! What do you want!? Dastan’s impatience grew almost as fast as his confusion. The silence was suddenly broken by more gibberish.

Was this another test? It must be, I mean, why else would they speak this way? It was a puzzle! If Dastan could find out the words of the riddle, he would be able to pass the test. Dastan smiled as the dark fairy began pointing to different objects and gibbering. Dastan was skeptical of the possible meanings behind his gestures. He kept repeating, Kai, Kai, Kai, Kai, as he pointed to himself. Hm… Dastan thought. This must be the first clue to the test. Dastan felt it necessary to proclaim his name to his newfound helpers, elsewise they would never know who was going to pass the test. With a more unsure and fragile breath than he expected, Dastan spoke his name, which was repeated by the group before him multiple times. Dastan, Dastan, Dastan. Dastan began to chime in too. As the dark fairy pointed more, he began speaking other sounds. Ash, Asu, Ra, Mith, Ia, Kane, Kai. Dastan felt it important to repeat the words, and commit them to memory. A few them appeared to Dastan to be grouped somehow. Ash, Asura, Mithia, Kane, and Kai. Dastan thought it a good idea to consider them friends, after all they did heal him. So, when his new friends began to leave the area, gesturing for him to follow along, Dastan stood up ready to take on this new test head on. This was going to be easy!


Did Dastan not take note of Pyry? Did he just not see her? Oh, I get it. She was too intimidating of a figure that he couldn’t help but to glaze over her presence to keep his sanity intact. _ haha Just kidding.

An Unsure Awakening

OH… And Pyry, was also one of the names, said by the Kai. That is all… Sorry Pyry, much love…

An Unsure Awakening

This was very funny. I liked it :) Nice log.

An Unsure Awakening
Maven Rendourous

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